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The Abstergo Labs

Abstergo Labs were created by looking on to Assassins Creed game franchise. It contained 6 rooms (Starting room, Vendetta room, Eagle Vision room and a room next to it. Also there was a secret assassins hideout at the end of the hallway. You could get in this room by typing the secret code in the security terminal when you spawned in starter room. The only way to get the code, was to play the Eagle Vision game. Go into the Eagle Vision room and stand next to bed and press PLAY. You would find the signs on the wall. After you found the code, type it into the terminal and you would unlock the Assasin's Hideout. This space was captured by Rapturesassassin (now TrueAssassin86x), and was owned by the Assassins until the close of Home.

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Security terminal

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