Bowling is a game available in the Bowling Alley. It is a multi-player game for up to four players. There are no rewards given for playing bowling.


To join a bowling game, approach the bowling lane. Press X when the focus indicated at the bottom of the screen is on the bowling game. Usually, you will be put in a game queue. If so, you will be alerted when there is a space for you to play.

When it is your turn, press X to begin bowling. To send the ball down the lane, you must complete three tasks:

  1. The direction of the ball will sway left and right. Press X when it is pointed in the direction you wish to release the ball.
  2. The speed meter will cycle up and down. Press X when it is at the speed level you prefer.
  3. The spin meter will rotate left and right. Press X when it is at the spin level you prefer.

The ball will automatically be released and sent down the lane towards the pins.


There are many strategies for bowling a good game. A well-accepted strategy is to attempt to bowl as close to the center of the lane as possible with maximum speed. Use very slight spin to adjust for error in lining up the shot with the center of the lane.

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