Ward of Despair is a survival horror game in playstation home which allows you and up to 4 friend to use their personal avatars to try and escape a hospital filled of shibito (dead) nurses. You have 5 minutes to escape and along the way, pick up rewards. There is 3 different scenarios to this game.


  • Alcove - To earn, you must start game with the max number of people which is 5 and escape before anyone dies
  • Dr. Outfit - to earn this, you must find shoes, coat and pants hidden inside the ward during the doctor scenario
  • Nurse outfit - like the doctor outfit, you must find the 3 pieces but this time in the nurse scenario ( uniform, cap and shoes)
  • Miyako's black dress - During the dress scenario, you must escape in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds, note: you do not have to find anything, just escape
  • T-shirt - escape the ward for the first time

How to know which scenario you are in

  1. Dr Scenario - at the start of this one, there will be a nurse walking in circles by the elevator. Also you will be forced to enter the 1st room to the right to get a key.
  2. Dress Scenario - theres 2 versions of this one. If theres 3 or more people, you will see a dead guy in the home logo shirt drop a key when you open the bathroom at the start. If less people, similar to doctor scenario, you will be force to enter the first room on the right but this time to get a fire extingusher.
  3. Nurse Scenario - at start a nurse will be blocking hall, you will sound the alarm to get her to move.

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