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The tombstone chair, a popular chair

in Playstation Home are one of the most interactive furniture items in personal spaces and clubhouses that allow players to sit without having to be on the ground. They are often used with tables and other furniture to create customized rooms for different purposes.


When sitting in a chair, there are 3 positions in which an avatar may (or may not) recline.

  • A standard chair will cause an avatar to sit upright, and lean slightly forward.
  • A bigger, deeper chait will usually cause an avatar to lean slightly back, and place his/her leg upon his/her opposite leg.
  • A chair that is leaning backward, or has a backrest that is not straight will often cause an avatar to perform the same effect as the previous seat, but in a reclined position and sittign deeply in the chair.



A seat being used to view the outside the of a Harbor Studio space

Chairs are a common tool in many glitches in the furniture placement tool, and allow players to bring their avatar into places they might not be able to normally reach when they are placed outside normal barriers. This allows players to create rooms that are isolated, but can be acessed by using a chair to enter them.
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