A friend is Playstation Home is a user who has mutually agreed to become friends with another user. To become friends, one of the users must make a friend request. This may be done in two ways:

  • When facing the user, select X and then select "Request Friend"
  • In chat, move the cursor to something the user has said, select X, and then select "Request Friend"

Once the friend request has been made, the second user must accept the request. This cannot be done in Playstation Home. Instead, press the PS button. On the XMB, move right to Friends. Locate the friend request and view it. Select "Accept" to accept the friend request.

As a player, you can identify your friends by the friend icon to the right of their name. As friends, you can:

  • See if a friend is using their PS3 (often, seeing what game they are playing)
  • See if a friend is playing Playstation Home
  • Invite a friend to come to wherever you are located (as long as you are not in another user's personal space)
  • Go to a friend's location (as long as the friend is not in another user's personal space)
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