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Frosty Army (FrAhhhh"stee ArrrrrMeee) the frosty club started on November of 2008 in closed beta on the virtual game called PlayStation Home. The club was made for friends and to destroy the homelings, for the homelings were a huge club back in the day on the game. The club was created by SnowMenGeneral he came up with the club of Frosties. His co-owner sdroopy, later joined. They were well known as the beta got opened to the public and users started joining, the frosty army was well known for the snowman mask that was created in early stages of the virtual game. They also had a symbol like "(*<*)". The group was known to freeze and hack other users on PlayStation Home, but ever since 2012 they were nothing but known as noobs, the freezing had stopped and so had the hacking. The new leader of Frosty Army whose name is ILL LIFE aka Shawn Anderson has tried to make FA successful but kept failing. There were some old members that were still frosty army such as Sundawg and that was about it. But older folks like LeoDragon, Sharakon, KingEvil72, SnowMenGeneral, Catfrosticus, SDroopy, Playzharder, Wallfly, shuggerl0l, jamesboth123, Chrismsandvig, emanual, deadbob777, and DarknessFallz had all quit FA and moved on. Some had even left the PSN, so RIP for them. FA battled against a lot of other clubs and families such as wWw and PERMA Frosty. Perma Frosty was a club of older frosty army members that disagreed with iLL and they were their own leader it was ran by Droopy, and KingEvil72. The club disbanded permanently after the close of PlayStation Home. Nobody knows where they are, but the U.S. Army is looking for the fugitives who once ran this club for being involved with the close of PlayStation Home in Four Kings Casino & Slots & Atom Universe.

Frosty Army members in PlayStation Home.