H-O-R-S-E is a basketball mini-game found in The Playground. The goal is to make a basket from locations that you believe your opponent will not be able to match.


When playing, you will either be the shooter or the one who has to match the shot. The game begins with a coin toss to choose the shooter.

In each round, the shooter decides where to shoot from. This may be pretty much anywhere in the Playground space. Then, the shooter chooses between a jump shot, hook shot, or bounce shot.

To shoot, the player adjusts the left/right direction and the up/down angle of the shot. Finally, a power bar appears. Sometimes the power bar has shoes above it to show exactly where the bar should be stopped. Once the power is selected, the ball is tossed.

If the shooter makes the basket, the other player must match the shot or receive a penalty (a letter spelling HORSE). If the shooter misses the basket, the other player becomes the shooter. The loser is the first player to receive all letters in HORSE.