Ice Breaker is an arcade game found in the Bowling Alley, it is similar to the Atari arcade game Breakout. However, unlike Breakout Ice Breaker incorporates an enemy Eskimo that throws snowballs at your paddle, which if hit will slow down your paddle. This slowdown will go away over time, but being hit multiple times will decrease your speed even more. The Eskimo enemies can be disposed of by either hitting them with your ball or by destroying the block they are standing on.


Occasionally broken blocks will drop a powerup. Collecting the powerup can make the game easier or more difficult in the case of the pink powerup.

Color Effect
Blue Large paddle
Green Extra life
Pink Small paddle
Red Fire ball
Yellow Sticky paddle


In Ice Breaker you will unlock Home rewards as you advance in the game. An item will be rewarded on every fourth level.

  • Ice Breaker Beanie

1 2

  • Ice Breaker T-Shirt

3 4

  • Ice Breaker Pants

5 6

  • Ice Breaker Boots

7 8

  • Ice Breaker Statue


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