This is a list of mini-games available in Playstation Home.

Mini-Game Location Rewards
Bowling Bowling Alley None
LocoReversi MuiMui Ship
Pickories on LocoIsland
Love Seat Namco Arcade Center T-shirt
RC Rally Hub Car upgrades
Rotate Pod Little big planet pod penthouse None
The Idolmaster SP Namco Arcade Center
Namco Theatre
Soda can ornaments
Ansada Fone game Ansada Fone None
LittleBigDerby LittleBigPlanet Playground

Some mini-games are seasonal and return based on events or holidays each year.

Mini-Game Location Rewards
Turkey Chase Pier Park Thanksgiving-related rewards

Many mini-games are lost as Playstation Home evolves. Sometimes the games return. The currently defunct mini-games are listed here.

Mini-Game Location Rewards
Saucer Pop Central Plaza None
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