Playstation Home has many personal spaces. You may decorate most personal spaces as you wish. Up to 11 other people may only visit your personal space if they are a friend and you invite them. Similarly, you may only be invited to personal spaces owned by your friends. Many have different names depending on the region. The codes used for regions are:

  • AS Asian Home
  • EU European Home
  • JP Japanese Home
  • NA North American Home
Personal Space Availability Features Public Space
Harbour Studio Permanent Central Plaza
LocoIsland JPASEUNA MuiMui King offers island upgrades in exchange for pickories. MuiMui Ship
LittleBigPlanet Pod Penthouse JPASEUNA Wallpaper Creator
Rotate Pod
LittleBigPlanet Playground
Dolphy Room EUJPNA Comes with dolphies to train and race. Hudson Soft
Raven Barracks ASEUNA Comes with jukebox
Valor Barracks ASEUNA Comes with jukebox
Luxury Weekend Lake House EUNA
SFRGBT!! Tropical Island EU
Modular Stage Set EUNA Comes with free active light and active camera for making movies.
TRON Apartment EUNA Tron City Defense
Light Cannon
Xi Party House/Party at Jess's Apartment EUNA Locked safe contains Xi Collectible #3. Xi Museum
Tree House Personal Apartment EUNA Was a temporary free space in Europe.
Playstation Home Mansion-First Floor EUNA Contains Mansion Key 1
Playstation Home Mansion-Infinity Pool EUNA Contains Mansion Key 2
Playstation Home Mansion-Second Floor Floor EUNA Contains pool table and darts game. Contains Mansion Key 3
The Dragon's Lair NA
LOOT's Sunset Yacht NA Built in EOD Television
Studio Stage Set from LOOT NA Built in Active Camera w/ YouTube uploading
The Lost Dam Hideout NA
Hollywood Hills House NA Built in EOD Televisions
Zombie DeadQuarters NA
Luxury Weekend Lake House NA
S.V.E.R. Barracks NA
Andy's Room NA
Playground Apartment NA The Playground
Japanese Apartment NA
Rapture Metro Apartment NA
Uncharted Fortune Hunter's Apartment NA
Assassin's Creed Apartment NA
Ghost Pirate Ship NA
Anime Style NA
Pharoah's Tomb NA
Tropical Escape NA
Musicality Apartment NA Built in Music Minigame
Eden-Primarch's Vigilarium NA
Luxury Racing Box NA
Santorini Greece NA
Yacht: Santorini NA
Planetland NA
Warhark Apartment NA
Villain's Lair NA Two built in Minigames
MotorStorm Pacific Rift Camp NA
MotorStorm Monument Valley Camp NA
Pirate Galleon Apartment NA Built in Cannon Minigame
City Penthouse NA
Ratchet and Clank: Home Sweet Home NA
Neptune Suite NA
Visari Throne Room NA
Post Apocalypse Apartment NA
Ghostbusters Firehouse NA Built in Active Camera
Living Room Stage Set from Loot NA Built in Active Camera
Lakeside Log Cabin NA
Summer House NA
London Pub EU London Pub Radio
Ansada Fone NA 2D Viewpoint
Red Bull House of Skate NA
  • Skateboarding
  • Red Bull Vending Machine
French Chateau NA

Mansion Owner's Bonus: Fountain

French Chateau Open House- Limited Time Only
Crystal Shores NA Mansion Owner's Bonus: Pool Chair
My Private Hideaway JPEUNA Access to "Secret Dig Site" at Granzella's 'Southern Island Getaway' Southern Island Getaway
Fossil Museum JPEUNA
  • Auto-Displays Fossils found in Granzella's 'Southern Island Getaway'
  • Exclusive Commerce Point
Southern Island Getaway
Mini-Bots Training Facility NA
  • Free-to-Play Multiplayer Minibots Game
  • Gift Machine
Avalon Keep NA
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Dragonflying
Dream Island NA
  • Swimming
  • Exclusive Commerce Point
Dream Yacht NA Exclusive Commerce Point
Ansada Fone (Night) NA
  • Free reward from "Trap-o-matic" at nDreams' Aurora public space.
  • 2D Viewpoint
Sunlit Meadow NA

Can only be received through Lockwood Publishing's Gift Machine

Space Station (DigitalLeisure) NA

Space Defender Mini-Game

LOOT Space Apartment NA
  • Multiple EOD Televisions
  • flickr Picture Frames
  • Twitter feeds
Nostalgic School Days
  • The in-space shop contains a series of free downloadable desks, chairs, and cardboard cutout anime-esque Japanese school students
  • The shop also contains purchasable exclusive desks and counters
  • Can adjust the time of day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night, and Midnight, with the first four variably altering the activities going on outside the school and the look of the town lights
  • Can adjust the lighting brightness of the hallway, and both classrooms independently (except in midnight).
  • Can adjust the ambient background noise level in all times of day except midnight.
  • Midnight shuts off all the lights (an option not available to the other times of day) and places various hauntings and odd noises about the school floor. The owner is given a flashlight to illuminate the darkness, and prizes can be found throughout the midnight once per day, exclusive to the owner. The shop lady is also changed from the older slightly chubby lady to an undead skeletal student.
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