The LittleBigPlanet Pod Penthouse is a player home that can can be purchased in the LittleBigPlanet store in the LittleBigPlanet Playground. It costs €4.99 ($4.99, £3.99). It is hanging from strings in space.

Invite five friends to your pod and have them visit at the same time to win the Green LittleBigPlanet Cloth Cube.


Rotate Pod allows the player to rotate the pod within the virtual space environment.

Wallpaper Creator allows the player to design a picture using various stickers and save it to their HDD.


At the front of the penthouse there is a small area designed to look like a pod from little big planet. There is a large sixaxis controller used to play the game "rotate pod". In the middle there is a large globe with a sackboy sitting on it.Underneath the globe is another small room with the sticker game. On either side of the globe is a staircase leading to the back of the penthouse. The back of the penthouse is a large empty room with some windows.

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