LocoReversi is a game of reversi (also known as othello) found on LocoRoco-MuiMui Ship and LocoIsland. It uses the LocoRoco characters as "chips". One player has yellow characters. The other has black characters. The method of play is exactly the same as reversi. At times, four neighboring characters of the same color will merge into one large one. This is merely for fun. It has no effect on gameplay.

How to PlayEdit

The goal of the game is to get more of the characters your color than the opponents color. To change the color of a character, you must trap it between two characters of your color. For example, if there are three black characters next to a yellow character as:

Then, placing a yellow character at the end of the row will change all black characters between the new yellow character and the existing yellow character to yellow:

However, the contact must be side-by-side. In this case:

Placing a yellow character will only change one black even though there is another one technically "between" yellow characters. The two blacks are not side-by-side.

The game begins with four characters in the center of the board: two yellow and two black. The yellow character goes first by placing a yellow character in any valid spot. To be valid, the spot must cause a black character (at least one, but possibly more) to change from black to yellow.

The players take turns. If a player has not valid position to move, the other player is allowed to move again. The game is over when all of the spaces on the board are filled or (in a rare case) a player's color is completely removed from the board.


The basic strategy is to control the edges of the board. Try to capture side squares while not allowing the opponent to take side squares. The corners are especially important. Once you capture a corner, it cannot be changed. Therefore, put extra effort into capturing corners while not allowing your opponent to capture the corners.

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