The London Pub is a player home that can be bought in the

Estates shop in the Shopping Centre. It costs €4.99.


It has a darts board where you can play 501,301 and round the clock. There is a scoreboard for it in the corner of the room.

The second game called pumps has four different beer pumps that must be pulled in the correct order to win a special clothing item.


When you first come to the space you will arrive in the bar area. In front of you will be the pumps game and the darts game will be to your right. Beside the pumps there is a menu that reads:

Bucket O' Swan's Wings £15

-A fav of her Maj!

Battered Wild Sturgeon n' Chips £12

"Endangered Species"

Get it while you can!

Swan with Trimmings £18.50

-Eat the whole bird and you eat for free!

Jellied Eels, Pie and Mash £5

-An English classic!

There is a phone that will ring every now and then but it cannot be answered.When you walk into the corridor you can access the toilets and back room.In the male toilet there is a urinal, 2 working hand dryers and a mirror that has been drawn on.

In the female toilets there are 2 toilets, 2 working hand dryers and a mirror that is covered by stickers. There is only a table in the back room and it is a good place to put a pool table.

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