These are different items that can be won in the London Pub personal space.

London PubEdit

These items are given to the owner when they buy the London Pub.

Name Description Appearance
Binx He's not dead.... he's sleeping A black dog lying on a cushon. The dog will ocasionally blink.
Pub Low Stool A small wooden stool with a red cushion on top.
Pub Circular Table A wooden table with a circular face.
Pub Rectangular Table A wooden table with a rectangular face.
Darts? A green shirt that says "Darts?" in white swirly writing.


This is an award that can be won for pulling the beer pumps in the correct order in the game "Pumps".

Name Description Appeareance
Dart through head A large throwing dart that looks like it is going through your avatars head. The feathers on the back are pink for a female avatar and blue for a male avatar.
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