The Magic: The Gathering public space is littered with many statues and paintings. There are six mini-games in this space. The overall goal is to complete each of the six games to get a reward and a section of a key (which is not a reward). After completing all games, the key will be complete and you may receive the ultimate reward. Unfortunately, all rewards in this space are t-shirts.

Mini-games[edit | edit source]

Warning: Many of these games are one-player-only games. That means that if someone is playing, nobody else may play. Often, a player will get in the game and simply refuse to quit just to be a troll. There is no queue. So, playing the game requires sitting on the "play" window and waiting for the word "play" to turn white. Then, if you are fast enough to press X, you can play. To put it bluntly, the t-shirt rewards are rather useless and not worth the pain involved in attempting to simply play one of the games.

There are two fractured painting mini-games. You are shown an image that is broken into multiple pieces. By rotating it with the left stick and zooming with the right stick, align the pieces to recreate the original painting.

A third mini-game that is described as a fractured puzzle is vastly different. You are shown a small part of an image in the upper left. You must find that image somewhere on a painting, place a magnifying glass over it, and press X. This is an amazingly difficult puzzle for many players because the instructions do not indicate in any way that the image could be on any painting in the room. Players assume the image is on the painting in front of the puzzle and spend hours searching it.

A name-the-card game shows you an image of one of the paintings in the gallery and asks you to select the name from a multiple choice list. If you get ten painting names correct, you win.

A spot-the-difference game shows you two paintings that are mostly the same. You highlight and press X on ten differences to win.

A what-color-are-you game asks you ten questions. After answering all ten, you are told what color magic you are.

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