The Mall or Shopping Centre is the main shopping area in PlayStation Home. You can buy clothes, furniture and personal spaces for your Avatar.You can also buy costumes based on actual games, such as the Stormtrooper's costume from Star Wars, original Home clothing and furniture, and various video game- related items. All of the stores in the mall are available from the Navigator .

North American RegionEdit

In North American Home, the mall is divided up into Shopping Mall- First Floor and Shopping Mall- Second Floor. Both floors contain the Wardrobe Wars minigame.

First FloorEdit

Furniture and other crap Billabong, Konami, Mass Media, Lockwood Publishing, Sodium, Veemee

European RegionEdit

In Europan Region it named Shopping Mall (aka Shopping Centrer) . Except there are sides: East and West

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Shopping Mall

Difference Edit

-In Shopping Mall there are shops with different stuffs. In The Mall there are shops for clothes, furniture, etc. In different words: In European Region shops are divided in Shopping Center - East and Shopping Center - West.

-In North American Region The Mall is building. In European Shopping Mall stores are now reunited into two shops, one for clothes and one for furniture; you can always check all the shops from the Navigator, scrolling until the "Shops" section.

-In Shopping Mall there are sides East and West. In The Mall there are floors one and two.

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