A mini-game was a game within the game of Playstation Home. Many games gave rewards.

Gambling GamesEdit

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Poker at The Godfather II


There were several locations to play poker in Playstation Home. All versions were Texas Hold'em style poker.

Slot MachinesEdit

Other GamblingEdit

There were many other forms of gambling in Playstation Home.

Shooting GamesEdit

Adventure GamesEdit

  • Uncharted 3 Fortune Hunter

    The Fortune Hunter mini-game

    was a 3rd person shooter
  • Cutthroats: Battle for Black Powder Cove was a ship based piratical combat game
  • A maze was available in the Burn Zombie Burn space
  • Yetis vs. Hunters pitted players on both sides against each other
  • Ward of Despair had you and up to 4 other players try to escape a hospital filled with shibito nurses in under 5 minutes

Carnival GamesEdit

  • The Midway

    A Midway 2 Carnival game

    was a carnival containing many prize awarding stands
  • The Midway 2 was a newer carnival containing more up-to-date games and prizes
  • Slap Happy Sam's Stage show was a comedic violence game available at the space of the same name

Board GamesEdit

Racing GamesEdit

Sports GamesEdit

Puzzle GamesEdit

  • Cogs

    Cogs at the Sky Platform

    was a steampunk style puzzle game available at the sky platform

Other gamesEdit

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