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nDreams is a leading publisher of Playstation Home content. From clothing, to spaces, to furniture, to games, nDreams has contributed a large variety of purchasable and free content for avatars. Its first major breakthrough was the Xi Museum in 2009, and the company has continued to progress since.


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nDreams' Aurora

nDreams has created many notable games in Home, which continue to expand and be created.Their game spaces have recieved over 5 million visits from over 730,000 different players.

Personal SpacesEdit

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nDreams' Musicality Apartment

nDreams has also created many personal spaces which have become very popular among users. Their first space was released on November 12th of 2009, with the addition of the Pirate Galleon Apartment.


nDreams has a reputation as one of the more fantastical developers of clothing in Home. They premiered with Fantasy Fashion in January of 2011, as well as their Halloween clothing in 2010.


There have also been a few companions released by nDreams beginning with the stapler companion in relation to the Xi Museum, and most recently with the Li'l reaper to coincide with the promotion of their Halloween content.

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