Orb Runner is a mini-game in the Aurora public space.


The objective of Orb Runner is to collect points by running over orbs that float around Aurora. Collecting points will increase the player's level. Increasing level will eventually result in awards for the player.

How to PlayEdit

To begin a game of Orb Runner, go to the Orb Runner starting point (a glowing pit under a large tree). Click X to begin the game.

Once the game begins, run around and look for floating orbs. Simply run over the orbs to collect them. Orbs with a square in them are for points only. Orbs with a spike ball or a bolt in them will penalize the player. Orbs with a twisted strand in them will teleport the player to a random location.

Once the timer runs out, the player is teleported back to the starting point and points are awarded.


Points earned in Orb Runner are applied to the general Aurora points. Rewards are gained when advancing levels in Aurora. See Aurora for a list of the rewards.

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