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Red Bull
is an energy drink company which in Home advertises itself through various mediums. They design clothing, furniture, and have created a the House of Skate personal space for players. Red Bull has also designed the Red Bull Beach , Red Bull Illume , and Red Bull Air Race public spaces.


Red Bull started in Home as the first major advetising company to make an appearence in 2008, when open beta began. As such, their limited supply of clothing and other player relaed items made a larger impact than they would have made today. They had since their opening debut remained inactive until late 2011, when they added the House of Skate, as well as adding the Flugtag racing game to the beach.


As of April 11th, 2012, all Red Bull content was removed from Playstation Home. All rewards and purchased content obtained by players remain in their possession, however all public spaces and purchasable content are no longer accessible to players.

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