Red Bull Flugtag is a mini-game located on Red Bull Beach. It is a sport in which a player attempts to fly a vehicle as far as possible. The vehicles are not designed for efficient air distance and, often, plummet quickly into the water.


First, a player must select if he/she wishes to perform a solo or team flight. In a solo flight, the player makes the attempt alone. In a team flight, each member of the team contributes to the team's score.

Regardless of the type of game (solo or team), a vehicle must be chosen. There are many possibilities from a pig's head to a rocket tail. The different components contribute the overall performance of the vehicle in a small way.

After choosing a vehicle, two or three randomly chosen mini-games are shown to help increase the performance of the vehicle. These range from attempting to keep a randomly drifting circle inside a target to matching a random sequence of arrows similar to Dance-Dance Revolution (but using the D-Pad).

Once the vehicle is chosen and the performance has been set, the player launches the vehicle. By pushing the left stick side-to-side, the player keeps the vehicle upright in the air. Pushing forward causes the vehicle to dive and pick up speed. Pulling back increases altitude, but lowers the speed (and tends to cause the vehicle to tilt left or right). The goal is to keep the vehicle upright while repeatedly diving to gain speed and then climbing altitude to get further distance.


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