Red Bull House of Skate is a private space from Red Bull. It features six distinct rooms and a skateboarding mini-game.


The main mini-game is the indoor skateboarding park. You control your avatar as he/she skateboards around the park. The controls are very similar to early Tony Hawk skateboarding games.

A smaller mini-game is the Red Bull vending machine. It shows a sequence of button presses. The player repeats the sequence. By completing the sequence correctly, the player will win a Red Bull can ornament (small and very large) or a Red Bull can clothing item.


This private space allows for up to 40 items, including at 3 active items. Because of the size of the space, 40 items is a bit sparse. One room is not a spawn point. The only means of moving furniture into the room is through a narrow doorway. Therefore, only small furniture may be moved into that particular room.

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