Sodium Hub is a complex public space from Sodium. It has multiple mini-games within the hub as well as teleporters to Sodium One and Sodium Two.


There are many objectives to complete in the Sodium space. To see the objectives, visit VICKIE (the Sodium A.I.) in Sodium Hub. While visiting VICKIE, you may use Sodium Credits awarded from the various games to purchase rewards.


There are three mini-games in Sodium Hub itself: Scorpion Stomp, Scorpion's, and a Salt Shooter trainer.

Scorpion stompEdit

There are two scorpion breeding grounds in the hub. The goal of the Scorpion Stomp game is to stomp on and kill scorpions. To do so, approach the scorpions from behind and run over them. Your success in stomping scorpions without being stung increases greatly if you are wearing scorpion stomping boots available at the Sodium store.

There are vending machines that provide drinks that make the player immune to scorpion poison for a short time.


The Scorpio's Bar in the hub has two complementary games. The player chooses to play the customer or the employee game.

As a customer, the player orders a drink. An employee fills the drink order. Then, the customer drinks the drink by pressing the button shown on the screen. The button are shown sliding side to side. Every time the button reaches one side, the symbol on the button may change between a box, a circle, or an X. The player must press the button on the controller when the sliding button reaches the middle of the display. Success results in an award of Sodium Credits.

As an employee, the player takes an order from a customer. The order has four parts: a cup, a drink color, a primary decoration, and a secondary decoration. The employee fills the order to match exactly what the customer ordered and delivers it to the customer. Completing an order correctly results in an award of Sodium Credits.

Salt Shooter TrainerEdit

The Salt Shooter Trainer is the Sodium One Salt Shooter hovercraft in a small enclosed training field. Robot craft come out of two launching locations and the player attempts to shoot them. The controls are identical to the Sodium One mini-game.

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