The Midway Logo

The Midway
is a carnival style public space created by Mass Media Inc ., released on July 1st, 2010. It launched with 10 initial mini-games , over a hundred rewards , and included a free personal space upon entry. Upon its release, players were able to teleport to the space by using a tele-porta-potty, accessible in the then available Central Plaza.


The Midway has 10 mini games that offer a variety of prizes upon completion of each level of up to 10 levels.

  • Darla's Darts
  • Spilt Milk
  • Miz Fortune
  • Frog Flinger
  • Trigger Happy
  • High Roller
  • Fickle Flapper of Fate
  • Bell Ringer
  • Ball Squeezer
  • Rebound


Playing games in the midway is done by using green tickets, which are purchased through the Playstation Store. Players that stay in the Midway carnival area will also be able to play games for free for limited time spurts that will randomy occur from time to time.