A steam-punk clock, a typical wall hanging

Wall Hanging is a furniture object which can be purchased or won as a reward, to be used in a personal space, but not a clubhouse as is the case with most other furniture objects. 

These are ususally forms of furniture which serve no purpose other than decoration, however with the addition of picture frames, users are able to display any picture on their PlayStation's hard drive, furthering the ability to fully individualize a personal space. 

Prices and UsesEdit

As is the case with most other furniture available for purchase, wall hangings can range from as little as $0.25, to as much as $3.99 or more, depending on the sophistication, design, and if applicable, use of the wall hanging in relation to the space it is hung in. Some of the more practical wall hangings are clocks , whcih will take the time display from one's PlayStation and display it on the wall hanging clock, giving other players an idea of the time frame and location you live in.

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