Zombie DeadQuarters was a purchasable Personal Space.

The space itself was not entirely fascinating. It contained no interactive objects (save for sitting down on the various chairs), but did come with a reward of a Zombie suit (in separate pieces that make up a whole outfit) for both male and female for the owner and any guests who visit.

The space's major theme was, of course, a Zombie Apocalypse, and injected the theme of being in a small area. The personal space was, itself, very small. So much so that large objects could not properly fit or be moved around. The personal space also had only one spawn point, one area for wall hangings, and very limited room. It contained a door near the wall with the sinks which acted as if being repeatedly pushed on by an outside force. Additionally, there was a small alcove with a built in wireframe bed and several chairs, and a television displaying constant static.

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